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Scottish wedding ceremony queenstown

wedding elopement ben lomond hike queenstown

This is your day

A magical moment will fade into a timeless memory.

I promise to help design a day that will bring you the nostalgia, warmth and pure happiness that will forever feel like "only yesterday"...



wedding elopement ceremony ben lomond queenstown


elopement ceremony ski touring wedding

Adventure Ceremonies

"We had always wanted to get married on the summit of a peak that means so much to us, but we thought finding a celebrant who had the skills, gear and fitness to climb with us, to the top and still conduct a beautiful ceremony would be tricky to say the least. Until we found Elke, on top of having all of those skills, she is also incredibly genuine, funny and kind. She made us feel like we had known her for years and she was just another friend climbing to the summit with us."  

- Ché and Alana -

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